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        About Us

        We do that by breeding and searching for the stylish genetics that will satisfy all types of cannabis consumers, by participating our growing moxie, debunking myths and being on top of the rearmost studies and developments. We also strive to produce and help the community of farmers and cannabis suckers and we invest time and coffers to prop developments in the cannabis sector.

        We love sharing our passion for cannabis with eager growers. Our goal is to deliver the best genetics. We support every grower.

        Our motto is simple: If you have the passion, you can grow quality genetics!

        We believe in cannabis and its potential, and we want to help growers and consumers learn more about this mighty plant.

        Our platoon at Root Farm are enthusiastic and passionate. We’re keen farmers that enjoy participating our cannabis love and knowledge and we’re always happy to help and educate every client.

        About Our Products

        FAT BANANA

        Fat Banana follows the theme of mouth-watering genetics, but the tropical strain carries more great traits than taste alone. Dutch growers love her high THC levels, brief flowering time, and soothing effect.


        Purple Queen wins the award for most aesthetic strain on the list. The flowers on this stunning cultivar feature a light green core surrounded by a dark purple exterior and purple-pink fan leaves.


        Growers in the Netherlands adore HulkBerry for her monstrous yields and mind-blowing THC levels. Truly a freak of nature, RQS breeders developed the strain to push the boundaries of THC production.


        No surprises here! The Netherlands has a close relationship with Amnesia Haze. After original Haze genetics entered the country decades ago, breeders worked their magic and created Amnesia Haze within Dutch borders.


        Cookies Gelato won over the Dutch primarily through taste and potency. This unbelievably aromatic variety treats users to notes of sweetness, candy, fruit, and a hint of earthiness.

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        If you have any questions, this page is designed to help you get them answered. Above you’ll find a database of FAQs about a wide variety of topics, including returns, shipping, our online ordering system, and more.

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