Amnesia Haze


Amnesia Haze

Minimum supply 100 grams

After the haze genetics came to Holland and several hybrids were made, an American expat would later combine one of these hybrids with a male derived from old school haze seeds creating the Amnesia Haze.

One of the best strains in RQS

Genetics and Potency of Amnesia Haze

After the haze genetics came to Holland, how can i order Weed and several mongrels were made, an American expat would latterly combine one of these mongrels with a manly deduced from old academy haze seeds creating the Amnesia Haze. We felt our collection of marijuana seeds would not be complete without one of the stylish smogs to ever be smoked, so we got a hold of some Amnesia and made feminised seeds. how to buy weed, can you buy weed online?

Growing Amnesia Haze

Our Amnesia Haze is a well maintained factory growing just over a metre altitudinous, to about 120 cm. She can be grown outside but will bear hot rainfall like Australia, North Africa and California, still may need to be grown in a hothouse due to her long flower period. where to buy weed in Austria

Amnesia Haze is one of our stylish yielding cannabis strains, producing 70-80 g per factory with over to 650-g per metre squared under a 600w light. She can produce big outdoors, with full sun, reaching as much as 700g per factory. Still redundant care should be taken outside as this is a sensitive factory, so problems with rainfall, bugs or irrigation will harm your final crop.

So after 4 months of growing, 2 weeks of drying and curing and your eventually ready to bomb the Amnesia Haze that has taken you so long to grow. After your 1st joint or bong we’re certain you’ll be further than satisfied with the bank after staying such a long time. Our Amnesia Haze really is one of the stylish cannabis strains in our entire stock. how can i order Weed

Effects of Amnesia Haze, AKA Ami Weed

Amnesia Haze, else known as”ami weed”or”ammo weed”, exerts an nearly psychedelic high that blasts the mind into the stratosphere. The flavour is fresh and gooey like you anticipate from a haze which only makes the bank so much more pleasurable. Smokers are advised this is a strong bank and, as the name suggests, druggies can frequently turn their smarts off fully after a session.

    Strain Type: Feminized

    THC: 22%

    CBD: Medium

    Yield Indoor: 600 – 650 gr/m2

    Yield Outdoor: 650 – 700 gr/plant

    Height Indoor: 80 – 140 cm

    Height Outdoor: 175 – 210 cm

    Flowering time: 10 – 11 weeks

    Harvest Month: Late October

    Genetic Background: Original Amnesia Haze

    Type: Sativa 70% Indica 30%

    Effect: Long Lasting , Physically Relaxing, Powerful

    Climate: Long Summers

    Flavor: Citrus, Earthy, Herbal, Pepper

From Davide | 2018-06-10 19:39:47

how long does the flowering stage take? it says 2 differents? 10-11 weeks but on the other page after 12 weeks?? how many weeks should i take for my schedule?

Roots Farm Team
Please note that the flowering time may vary depending of the light schedule, we cannot give you a specific flowering time. For this strain it could take up to 12 weeks.

By R. P. on 25/Oct/2021 :

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Comment : Die lange Blütezeit ist echt nervig, aber das Ergebnis ist einfach nur HammerFettBombeKrass ‼️‼️


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